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Technical FAQ

Q: What needs to be done if Voice chat is not working?

To solve the problem of Voice chat, you can visit Voice Setup page. His will help you checking your speakers and microphone. Following steps can be of great help:

  • 1. Connect "Begin Microphone Test" and click on "Allow" when permission is going to be asked for accessing your microphone.
  • 2. Next, you can start talking. In case, your microphone is well-connected with our services; you will see "Test Successful!" on your screen.
  • 3. Check if you can hear audio clear from the servers by clicking on the "Play Audio" button.

The next step is to turn up the recording volume of your microphone through these steps:

  • 1. Select �settings� after right-clicking on the "Begin Microphone Test" tab.
  • 2. At the bottom of the Settings Box of Adobe Flash Player, click the microphone tab.
  • 3. Turn up the volume indicator completely to the right.
After following these steps, you can rectify any problems related with voice chatting; please give us a call at (800) 830-2797 to gain complete technical support.

Q: Please let me know how to initiate a classroom session?

In case, there is any problem faced with a classroom session with any of our expert tutors, you can just go through the checklist given below:

  • 1. It is important to make use of one of our supported and preferred web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari.
  • 2. Turn off pip-up blocker from your web browser. As soon as �Get a Tutor� tab is clicked, a new online classroom will open in the new browser window.
  • 3. Clear cache from your browser on a regular basis.
  • 4. Start your computer again.
These steps offer you step by step information about opening our online classroom and starting work with a tutor. In case, you need more help; you can contact us at (800) 830-2797 for in-depth assistance.

Q: I regularly face connection problems with the online classroom.

If you are facing connection problems frequently, you need to ensure that no video is being streamed, files downloaded, games played in another browser window or any other device using the same internet connection. All these activities can overburden your net connection thereby creating connectivity problems. Moreover, you need to make sure that only our supported browsers are used for the purpose, like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Apple Safari.

If the connectivity problems persist or there is any concern, give us a call at (800) 830-2797 for immediate technical assistance.