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Q: Please explain the working of

We at are a complete online tutoring service providing interface. We offer highly professional academic services in more than forty subjects through a team of highly qualified and experienced academicians. The subjects where help is available are Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Business, English, Foreign languages and AP ® Support, Foreign Languages and Business. We have online classrooms that are convenient to use, and the students can avail tutoring sessions.

Q: How and in what way I can get the best help?

At, our experts assist the students in in-depth understanding, preparation of test and help in homework in approximately forty subjects including Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Business, English, Foreign languages and AP ® Support, Foreign Languages and Business. Click here to see the list of subjects in which help is available.

Q: How to engage a tutor?

To engage our tutoring services, you need to register with us and have an account with us. Click here to register yourself. You can sign in if you already have an account. You can immediately start a session with us whenever you need our help. We are available 24x7 to serve you.

Q: In what way my tutor is going to help me?

Our philosophy at is to help and guide students in their chosen subjects. We ensure that their concepts are clear and this help the student in solving even complicated academic tasks and derive at the solutions on their own. We are not an answer-giving service.

Q: What is the availability of

We are available to serve you 24x7 round the year. We are closed only on the Independence Day, New Year's Day, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving.

Q: Is it possible to work again with the same tutor?

Yes, it is possible. If you want, you can add the names of those tutors with whom you would like to work again on the list of favorites. You can also find if those tutors are available for another session. In case, that tutor is not free; you can be in a queue and give us some time to find another suitable tutor for you. For adding a tutor to the list of favorites, you need to click after session completion on “Add this tutor to your Favorite Tutor list." You can click on the favorite by clicking on the Accounts page on "Manage your Favorites list."

Q: Is it possible to review previous sessions?

Yes, it is possible. For this purpose, you just need to click on your Account page and "View your previous sessions" tab. Here, you can review previous session’s transcripts. You can also replay the sessions in real time.

Q: What happens when my tutor is not able to help me?

If your expert is unable to help you with a particular question, you will be transferred to another tutor, and we will make sure that your minutes are not wasted while waiting for the next tutor. In case you are not satisfied with the session, you can place a request for crediting the minutes used. The session will be reviewed thoroughly, and in case it is not up to the standards of accuracy and quality, we will ensure the minutes used in the sessions credited back to your account.

Q: How is a session scheduled with a tutor?

For scheduling a session, an on-demand request can be made with any tutor who is available at the time or makes an appointment with a particular tutor. 48 hours advance appointment scheduling is necessary. To do so, you just need to sign in and click on “Schedule a Session.”

Q: How and when can I contact Customer Support?

You can call us at (800) 830-2797 or send us an email to contact customer support. We can be reached from 9 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time) from Monday through Friday.